World of Myrhen

A World Between Wars…

As long as there has been recorded history on Myrhen, there has been strife. Peace has only been prevalent on any of its three continents for a few decades at a time, sooner or later some old grudge coming to bear and plunging the region back into war. From these flames of strife rises heroes of all shapes of life, human and otherwise. These heroes are the driving force behind the advancement of the world and ultimately the ones that will uncover the true nature of their world.

Myrhen is divided into three main continents: Mygard, Aperios, and Karenas. The northern Mygard continent has a mostly humanoid populace and is comprised of three major countries. Aperios, along the equator, has one country of unified city-states led by a Viceroy. Karenas, towards the south, is a mountainous land filled with mystery and bloodshed with only one known country controlling not even a third of the untamed land. Recent studies by various scientific and academic sources have led to a hypothesis that all three continents may have been connected at one time, though at this point such thoughts are still just theories.

Continent of Mygard

Continent of Aperios

Continent of Karenas

World of Myrhen

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