Continent of Mygard

Freshly Freed From the Battlefield…

The continent of Mygard has only recently fallen back in to peace with the ending of the War of the Seven. The Kingdom of Durnham, ruled by a Necromancer King with greater designs, attacked the nearby neutral Duchy of Durnham, forcing a mass exodus of civilians from the formerly neutral trade nation. The Duchy of Zinen in the northwest was then placed under siege by the combined forces of Durnham and the Paladins of Light’s Hope, lasting a majority of the war. Only the sudden counter-attack by the survivors of Terminus as well as allies of theirs from Aperios managed to free Zinen from its bonds, though during the battle its Duke was lost. Durnham, King also slain in battle, agreed to a cease-fire followed shortly by a formal peace treaty mediated by the Mygard Foundation.

Currently, all three countries are rebuilding from the war. The new leaders of all three countries are working hard to make the future brighter for all inhabitants of the land with plenty of help from distant Aperios. While the conflict has ended, numerous rumors of the war have been circulating, especially regarding the shadow war fought behind the scenes between the Mygard Foundation and the organization pulling the strings of Durnham’s King. However, as it is nearly impossible to prove any such actions now that the war is over, the stories will fade or become legends themselves.

The population of Mygard is varied, though a strong majority is held by humans. The next most prevalent race seems tied between Elves, Dwarves, and Shifters. While in the past non-humans had been persecuted or treated as second-class citizens, with the recent and dramatic shifst in the political atmosphere these races have started becoming more common and accepted in society. Many of the heroes of the Mygard Foundation were of these races, which in no small part affected the opinions of the general populace.

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Continent of Mygard

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