The Culmination of Ruin and Life…

In a world that has only rarely known peace, the truth begins to lead those chosen by fate to the conclusion of the story. The Past, Present, and Future will all arrive at once and the truth will lead to either life or death. In the end, only the Will of mortals can decide their own fate, as the time is coming where the only ones they can rely upon are themselves. It is now that the Chains shall be cast off, for good or for ill…

-Gerard C. Monferaigne

This is the wiki for the Wednesday night 4E campaign at Game’s Plus in Mt. Prospect, IL. Listed here will be characters, both players and NPCs, as well as the details of the setting for reference. Potentially listed here will be certain house rules that will be in effect, and this site will constantly be updated as new information becomes important.

World of Myrhen

Continent of Karenas

Continent of Aperios

Continent of Mygard

Chronicles of Myrhen